New Orleans Shrimp Salad

New Orleans Shrimp Salad: A Southern Classic With a Spicy Kick

This classic New Orleans-style shrimp salad recipe is as spicy, flavorful, and delicious as it is easy to prepare. The dish combines freshly cooked shrimp, fresh vegetables and other locally grown, distinctive ingredients to create a unique and vibrant culinary experience.

One unique aspect of this recipe is that it is the perfect marriage of culture and cuisine. Put simply, it is part of a greater New Orleans tradition of creating delectable dishes, full of unexpected flavour combinations and daring techniques that nourish the soul.

This dish is a particular favourite among locals and visitors alike, who are mesmerized by the irresistible combination of succulent shrimp, sweet red onion, tangy bell peppers and a kick of heat from the chipotle pepper. There’s no skimping on the flavour here; there’s a burst of spice from the crawfish extract, and a hint of sweetness from the creole seasoning.

With its layered textures, complex flavours and generous servings of locally sourced ingredients, this is not only a delicious dish but a true expression of the culture and hospitality of New Orleans.


– 800 g peeled and deveined shrimp
– 1 large red onion, diced
– 1 red bell pepper, cored and diced
– 1 yellow bell pepper, cored and diced
– 2 tablespoons finely minced canned chipotle pepper
– 1/4 cup Crawfish Extract
– 2 tablespoons Creole seasoning
– 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
– 2 cloves fresh garlic, minced
– 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
– 4 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped
– Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste


1. In a large saucepan over medium heat, add the olive oil and shrimp, and cook until pink and fully cooked through (about 6 minutes). Remove from heat, drain, and set aside to cool.

2. In a large bowl, combine the cooked shrimp, diced onion, diced bell peppers, canned chipotle pepper, crawfish extract, creole seasoning, minced garlic, lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper.

3. Gently mix all the ingredients together, cover, and refrigerate for 1 hour.

4. Serve chilled with crusty French bread.

This New Orleans shrimp salad recipe is a true classic. With its fragrant and colourful combination of vibrant ingredients, it’s no wonder that it has remained a beloved dish for generations. If you’re looking for a dish that is sure to please, give this zesty and flavourful recipe a try. Bon appétit!