Ingles Chicken Salad

An Unexpectedly Delicious Ingles Chicken Salad Recipe

My cravings for a savory, crunchy salad recently sent me searching for recipes. I was overjoyed to find an Ingles Chicken Salad recipe!

The combination of ingredients in this recipe always catches me off guard, as flavors I don’t expect to find together are used to make a wonderfully unique dish. The ingredients include diced chicken, crunchy celery, apricot jam, golden raisins, onion, and garlic in a creamy mayonnaise and sour cream base. It all comes together to create an amazing flavor profile.

But it’s not just the flavor combination that makes this recipe so special. There’s something else at play too: the perplexity of the ingredients. You have something sweet like the apricot jam, offset by something savory like the dill and garlic. And while the celery adds crunch, there is also the burst of flavor that comes from the raisins.

I’m always pleasantly surprised by the variety of ingredients included in this recipe, as it seems far removed from the typical chicken salads I’m used to seeing. It’s almost a bite of Middle Eastern cuisine brought to the Midwest.

Preparing Ingles Chicken Salad

This recipe is surprisingly easy to make. Start by boiling one cup of diced chicken breasts in a pot full of water. Then, drain the liquid and allow the chicken to cool before chopping it into cubes.

Next, mix the diced chicken with the other ingredients: celery, apricot jam, golden raisins, onion, sour cream, and garlic. Once the ingredients are combined, fold in the mayonnaise until everything is evenly distributed.

Finally, refrigerate the salad for an hour or two before serving, so the flavors can mesh together.

Serving Ingles Chicken Salad

All that’s left to do is serve this amazing salad and enjoy! I like to serve it on a bed of greens, with some extra chunks of celery, diced onion, and golden raisins for garnish; it makes for a beautiful presentation.

The taste of this Ingles Chicken Salad is almost addictive. I think it’s the peerless combination of sweet and savory notes that really makes it stand out. I also find myself craving it more often than many of the chicken salads I tried before.

If you enjoy Middle Eastern food, or just want to try something a little different, I highly recommend this Ingles Chicken Salad. Its remarkable convenience, unforgettable flavor, and memorable textures make it the perfect addition to any cook’s repertoire.