Easter Green Salad

Welcome Easter with a Burst of Green with this Delicious Green Salad!

As spring arrives, so too does the return of Easter favorites. On the menu this year is a dish guaranteed to enliven the holiday table with a burst of vibrant green. This Easter Green Salad is the perfect side dish with its succulent mix of contrasting flavors, textures, and colors.

With vibrant shades of green from romaine lettuce, cucumbers and herbs, this salad is sure to liven up any springtime gathering. The sweet pops of crunch from freshly cut bell pepper and jalapenos add balance and complexity to this deceptively simple recipe. Carrots and radishes subtly give an Easter-facelift to the salad, with crisp red hues that add a delightful sprinkling of indulgence. For the more daring diner, a sprinkle of feta cheese provides a further layer of complexity, high octane flavor and piquancy.

The salad comes together quickly and easily, requiring only a few simple steps. Begin by gathering the ingredients: romaine lettuce, bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, cucumber, carrot, radishes, feta cheese and fresh herbs such as parsley and mint to garnish. Cut each ingredient into cubes and toss in a bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk together a simple honey-lemon vinaigrette. To assemble, toss ingredients with the vinaigrette and season with salt and pepper. It’s an easy three-step process, minimal clean-up and maximum flavor!

This Easter Green Salad puts a twist on classic garden-style salads and has a playful take on the classic combination of sweet, savory and tangy flavors. The deliciousness of this salad can be heightened by its pleasing presentation. To plate this salad, arrange ingredients in a bowl or plate in a festive round or fan pattern. No matter the pattern, this colorful salad is sure to be the highlight of the Easter table.

This Easter Green Salad is a simple side-salad dish that can quickly be assembled and enjoyed with other favorite family dishes. With a few ingredients and minutes of effort, it delivers a bold and flavorful salad that will please any springtime plate. Serve this salad with other Easter favorites this season and bring a burst of green to your table!